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To Avoid Jealousy

When I was pregnant with Faith, Mj did not show any jealousy. In fact she was so excited for the baby to come out and she even told her classmate that soon she would have a baby sister.

I always told Mj that she is still my princess even we have Faith. I was still working when I was pregnant and she will be the one to hum me some music so I could sleep because I always don’t have enough sleep at that time.

I even made a video of her on her birthday and let her read it, the video contains of how much we love her and no matter what, she will always be pampered, she will always be cared and she always have our support in every endeavor that she will encounter.

We were always together when I have to buy things for the upcoming baby; she would always be the one to choose what’s best for her sister. And when I was hospitalized, she would always to come to visit and would always tell me to be more careful.
On the day that the bay was about to arrive, she went to our neighbor to share the news and she was so excited to see her youngest sister.

When Faith was finally here, Mj and I had these wacky pictures while Faith was quietly sleeping on her crib. We still have the activities that we had even before Faith arrives, it doesn’t change; it is still the same because it is one of the ways for them to avoid the feeling of being neglect. If they feel that they are being set aside, that’s the start of jealousy.

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Desired By Women

Every woman desired to be engaged and married; we must admit it is our dream to receive an engagement ring. When my husband gave me our engagement ring, I didn’t have any idea what does it look like, until I saw it in webcam. I like the style of the ring that he chooses, it is simple but classy. But if you like to have the ring that you wanted, you might want to tell your fiancee about it and suggest that the¬†3 stone engagement rings¬†would be nice to wear. I am sure your husband-to-be would agree because this engagement ring is just too beautiful to resist. I, myself wished to have it on our anniversary but we still have so many things we need to prioritize these days, we have kids and their education must taken cared of first, so I might have to set it aside.

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Summer For My Kids

I am here trying to write, but there are really times that even we wanted to write fast, our head does not cooperate. Imagine? I am here for 2 hours already and I am typing then deleting and typing again and deleting.,

Anyway, summer is fast approaching, I am not sure if Faith ,could continue her swimming lesson this year as she needs to enroll in summer class. We will transfer her to other school, this time it would be a real school, like many classrooms, huge playground, a space to where she can run and play. She would spent a total of 10 days for her summer class at school and if she still likes it and if we can still afford it, we would continue her for swimming lesson. I know she adores water so much like her sister.,

Mj, on the other hand will be competing next month for DAVRAA. Three of them from this club would represent Davao, I know Mj was a bit upset with her performance in CDO, although she is still belong in top 16 and that she could still join the competition in Manila, she believes she still have more to improve and that she would work hard for it. She said last week that her training was rigid these days, they have to finished 12 lapse and an additional 1,500 meters if they are late or absent. She complained but I said if she wants to reach her goal and want to be successful with this sport, she needs to do her training appropriately and she must follow what their coach is telling them to do.,

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Good Place To Make Business Connections

How many of my readers out there on the super information highway are familiar with Linkedin? I know it is often used by business people to connect with each other as do other people connect with each other on more informal social media web sites. You can connect with people and businesses like sterkly on Linkedin. It is a good place to make business connections or to connect with companies that offer service and products you might want to use. Sterkly is on LInkedin and they may have a product or service you might need.

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