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How To Tell If It’s A Boy Or A Girl?

In the Philippines when you have a dark underarm, dark circles around the neck or acne, your friends would  tell you are bearing a baby boy. A mother who is bearing a girl is believed to have fair skin and pregnancy glow.

Now if if the cologne of your husband makes you feel like throwing up because you smell it badly then you will have a baby girl and if you are able to keep all the dairy and heavy protein down, then you have a boy to thank.

For cravings, if it’s a boy you are more likely ┬ásucking a lemon since that makes you feel just good or you may want to go to a store nearby to buy boy bawang, safari or timbura. If you asked your husband to drive you to down town at midnight just to buy the cake that you want then it is probably a girl.

Now this is new, you take off your wedding ring and tie it to a string, you ask your husband to hang it on your bulging belly as you lie down. If it swing in circle then you are more likely having a boy. If it goes back and forth then you will have a girl.

Lastly, the way you bump could also tell if you are having a baby boy or a girl, if you carry it high then that’s a girl, then if it’s low you have a boy in your belly.