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Trying The Hardest Is A Must

When I watched my daughter’s speed in swimming tonight, she seems like she is getting slow with backstroke. Her coach already reprimanded her of that, he already told her of the proper way with the hand stroke, she has to exert force on her arms when it is in water and lift it in the air right away like a ferries wheel but she seems can’t follow it. I already have caught her attention on that and I told her if she wouldn’t follow the proper drill, she better stop if she were already tired. I could not persist her if she doesn’t want to anymore. Good thing she said she would try hard next time, so maybe there will be Kumon next Wednesday so she could join the practice on Wednesday at the pool, I mean the competition is getting near, she should try the hardest this time.

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Best Tanning Systems

A lot of people sun burn easily. My husband and youngest daughter have very light skin and if they stay in the sun for long they will get a sunburn easily. They avoid the sun whenever possible. What they need is a good tan. But my husband does not want to lay in the sun with tanning lotion on. He is afraid of skin cancer. So how can he get a tan that will help protect him from the sun without staying outside long enough to get a natural tan? Well, he can try the airbrush tanning systems. If the tanning solutions is applied by a professional or if I can learn how to use a portable unit, he and my youngest daughter will have natural looking tan without exposing themselves to direct sunlight for long hours.

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