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I Hope Soon

Follow a healthy diet and do a regular exercise are one plus factors to lose weight. However like me who also believes that taking diet pills could help us slimming down you may want to click here to check the best diet and effective pills in town. One way also is to consult your dietitian for quality diet pills because they are the one who knows best. I used to do aerobics before but due for being a busy mom, I was not able to attend the session but I am planning to get back, I don’t know when but I hope soon.

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10 Commandments Of A Solo Mom

I was also a single mom before, I know how hard it was, being able to work hard so both of us could survive. But I am thankful that I was able to survive with it. I just read this in Working Mom magazine, it is the 10 commandments of Solo Motherhood

  1. Thou shall never feel sorry for thyself
  2. Thou shalt never make for thy child falsehoods about his biological roots.
  3. Thou shalt remember and keep holy thy weekends with thy children
  4. Honor thy mother and father. Be a good example to thy child.
  5. Thou shalt not let thyself go. Stay beautiful inside and out.
  6. Thou shalt not kill thyself by taking on too many responsibilities. Thou shalt remember to prioritize and delegate.
  7. Thou shalt find thy own strength in one’s self.
  8. Thou shalt keep sacred some occasional “me”time and not feel guilty about it.
  9. Thou shalt teach thy child that love and families come in many different forms
  10. Thou shalt not covet other traditional families and remember that being on thine own is not the same as being alone.
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It Is But A Hard Work

Getting the weight that we desire is but a hard work. We can’t get it like just one snap of our fingers; we need to sweat before we can have the figure that we desire. Taking pills are one of the ways to slim down yet we need to be certain for the side effects that it will bring for us. It’s positive results are what we needed for diet pills and not the side effects right? Why should you not visit this link to find out which pills are clinically tested. Remember that no healthy pills can work on slimming down like a week they worked over time. So you must read  the contents seriously and not only just take the pills because it is affordable or cheap, you should also think of your health before believing that it works for you positively.

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Runs In Our Genes

Like Mj, I also love sports, I love to join the Volleyball team at school or learn more tricks of the chess game but to no avail, as we did not have enough funds when my father died. But even so, it still did not stop me to play sometimes like if there’s a sports fest in college I always joined my favorite sport even I will have to get bruise in my arms or body pains, it didn’t give me a hindrance to enjoy it. I don’t have the athletic shape just like my classmate who was a runner so I did not join for sports scholar when I was in college. When Mj bloomed on the sports that she chooses, I thought maybe just maybe we are really sporty type, it maybe runs in our genes. Don’t you think?

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