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Birthday Party Is Not Today


Photo Not Mine

It was so funny, we thought that the invitation card for a birthday party will be held today but when sister and Faith went there to the house, they said that it will be held on Sunday yet.

Since the birthday party has a theme, my sister suggested that Faith must have a wing for a fairy costume. And since the car’s tire needs to have a repair, I stayed at the vulcanizing shop together with Mj and I just gave sister some money for them to buy a wing and a gift for the birthday celebrant so they could get back right away just before the party will start at 4:00 p.m.

Mj and I went immediately to the pool for her training, when it started to get dark I called the house to ask some whereabouts of the party. But my sister said she just knew that the party will be held on Sunday yet, she went there at the venue with no crowd at all. We didn’t know that because we did not read the invitation card, the birthday is today but the party will be held after 3 days.

Lesson learned we should read or check the invitation card thoroughly before heading to the venue; otherwise you will encounter a blooper like what happen this afternoon.

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