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While We Were Away, She Attended A Birthday Party

Remember the party that I have told just this week, oh well it is finally now set and Faith was there to enjoy the birthday party. The moment she went inside the house where the venue for the party was held, Faith gave the celebrant her birthday gift, she said I have a present and this is for you. The oldies around them was impressed by Faith’s gesture and the way she spoke, honestly we didn’t really teach her to speak English but since she is starting to speak such, I just enhance it and talk to her in English as well. Actually, her dialect is a combination of Bisaya, English and Tagalog. LOL! So while her sister is trying so hard to grab an award from a competition, she also was enjoying a birthday party of her classmates, she was so happy that she got a lot of goodies and giveaways, she could not contain her happiness with the balloon that she brought from the party. I am so thankful that while we were away, she is also enjoying her time here in the village.

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