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Clearance At School

Jm is worried for her school clearance because she said that her teacher told the whole class that if the the one who stole the cellphone of their classmate will he or she not return it back their clearance will not be sign. She said that they could not enroll for grade 6 if they will not be cleared. I am not worried though, I know if they are not failed with their subjects they can still enroll for the next school year, we are not sure if the girl just misplaced it somewhere or even if somebody has stole it, it is not fair if they punished the whole class. I just hope the parent of that kid would report it to the school if they saw the phone at home.

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Enhance The Taste and Quench Your Thirst

We all need to make sure we are drinking enough water every day. But sometimes, just drinking water is pretty boring and drinking soft drinks, no matter if they are diet or regular, it is not even the healthiest choice. Adding crystal light to your water will really enhance the taste and can quench your thirst. My husband likes to take an “On the Go- Box” to work with him so he can flavor his water when he has lunch. It does not have many calories and he says he is much more like to drink water if he has it available.

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