Shopping and Eating With My Kids

We had a blast today; I promised my youngest daughter that we would be shopping for her new pink dress and costume to be wearing on her Graduation Day. Mj doesn’t have school so she went with us after her Kumon session, my sister just fetched her up while Faith and I continued shopping.

There were many dresses to choose from but those were not fit at all, we need to try like numbers of dresses and finally there’s one that they show us, it was the final size, the smallest one.

When sister Merlyn left us at the mall, I was so happy that Faith is not that handful at all. I just noticed that because we were not able to go out alone anymore on Sundays. I hope this Sunday I can take the kids out at church first then at the mall.

I was a little bit scared in the escalator, I need to carry her to make sure everything will be okay I just told her to hug me tight and do not move she followed me thoroughly. After a while, Mj and sister Merlyn arrived from Kumon, the kids said that they want to go to Jollibee for dinner and so we went through. We were so happy going home, the car did not have any issues this time but I was surprised what I found out when we were finally home.

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