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Medals and Trophies


I need to sleep, we have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow so I could buy the wheel bolt of my car. It broke down again this afternoon, I could hear some sounds because of the wheel bolt is loosened. But before I would go in my dreamland let me just show you our fabulous trophies and glamorous medals from our competition last Saturday.

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Sporty Daughter

My kids and I dream to experience snow we even imagining what to wear when it’s winter. We want to make a snow angel too, or wear a bogner ski clothes so we could have fun skiing. My kids especially Mj is so sporty, I wonder if skiing would be her one of her choices when we are already at my husband’s place but for now, she embraced swimming and will do her best to win. I know she had a future in swimming but if she chooses skiing, I would support her on that too.

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She Got A Star

Today was the first day of Faith’s summer class; I woke up early and prepared our things immediately. I drove her to her school, my daughter was so happy that I was the one who send her to the school, oh well with my sister, her aunt. After I dropped her to the school, I drove my niece to the hospital to visit Yanyan; she also needs to stay there for a while sister Irenie is out for some appointment. When I fetched up Faith from school, she was so happy to show me her star. Yes, she got a star from answering her module perfectly. I was so glad, I am so proud of her.

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Trying His Best

When I visited my nephew in the hospital, I’ve seen a medication cart near of my nephew’s monitor for the heart. It was full of medicines needed of him for that time, he said those medicines are so bitter, and that he could not take it. But we told him if he wanted to recover immediately he needs to take those. When my sister asked him if he wanted to play with Faith he answered yes immediately, so we told him if he want to play with Faith he should take his medicines on the scheduled time. Right now, he is trying his best not to take the medicines out, he is trying his best to take it even it is a little yucky for him.

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