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DAVRAA in New Bataan

This Sunday, Jm and I will have to go on travel to New Bataan for the Davraa, good thing that some of my friends will go with us, so it would be a bit fun for us this Easter Sunday, we will be swimming in the bamboo resort, my friend said that the water will be so cold. So I would expect a sever trembling on my first step of the resort.

Tonight, we had a meeting with our coach; we had a post mortem (define mortem, coach hahaha!!!) for our competition last Saturday, we tackled about the things that we haven’t done that we should do and that what we will do next time. As usual Joyce and I were the spices, we laughed so hard when either of us would crack a joke. Our coach would sometime turn his back on us; otherwise he would be crazy just facing us. Our meeting lasted until 10:00 p.m., so I didn’t passed by at Diversion Road instead I headed to the main road.

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Garage Floor Tile

Most garages I have seen normally have a concrete slab for a floor. That is not a very attractive sight. I mean most of the time it is fairly dirty and it really does not give me an urge to do anything other than just sweep it up. If you were to put garage floor tile on top of that concrete slap, you could make your garage look as nice as an automobile show room. How better to help improve the appearance of your home than to make one of the ugliest places, the garage, look a lot better by simply tiling the floor?

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Best Possible Life For Them

I have blogged before about the need to protect my family’s financial future. Savings are not enough for the average family. We need some other way to make sure our families have the money they need if something were to happen to us. That is why it is a good idea for us to buy term life insurance. My husband has a whole life policy, but he feels that having term life insurance is a good way for us to supplement it now that we have two daughters. I want to make sure that my kids are well provided for if something unfortunate were to happen. I love my kids and want only the best possible life for them.

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Good Investment

I bought some books to read for my kids, Faith has the ABC Monsters and Mj got the cheesy professor something like that. Her friends showed it to her and she got interested with it. I told her if she could finish the whole book I will buy her the second volume of that book. She is trying so hard to read it though, inside the car and at night. This is better than buying her some video games. Book is indeed a good investment.

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