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Land Training Tomorrow

I will get up again early in the morning tomorrow, my eldest daughter will going to have a land training. That means they will jog and do the monkey bar to strengthen their muscle and it is one way to have the right stroke. So as they do their land training, I will not miss this chance to jog as well, I am really gaining too much weight that it reach up to the level that I don’t like to see myself in the mirror at all. Last night, I dreamed of myself jogging, I was sweating while running and immediately I lose weight. I will have to have the inspiration of doing this, and certainly I will start to lose weight by tomorrow. I know I can do it, aha, aha, aha!

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Boosting Testosterone Level

Testosterone has been in the news a lot lately in the United States and not in a good way. The effects of testosterone are to help build muscle and get more toned look to your body. Building body mass can help an athlete improve in sports that require strength, however use performance enhancing drugs are no legal in most sports. The methyl 1-d review is meant to boost testosterone levels and help you build muscle. I don’t know much about it, but from what I have read it looks to be safe for those wishing to benefit from its effects. But in all cases make sure you do your own research before you take any supplement and if in doubt, ask your doctor.

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Qualified For The Next SY

Today was the last day of the summer class of my youngest daughter. My sister said that she just finished her exam yesterday, and she told me that they review F for two days. I am glad that in the last day I was there to send her to the school, and when it is time to go out the teacher handed me a piece of paper, indicating that F could enroll already for the next school year. She passed the exam; she got 86% for reading and 95% for Math. When she went out, her teacher gave her some snacks and candies in which she munches some on our way to the mall. She was so happy to receive her surprise gifts from her teacher. She took her lunch with a smile because she knew that there are more snacks and candies to munch with when she’s done eating her lunch.

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Never Easy

My father in-law passed away last year and had a very simple casket. I have known people who have planned their own funeral from beginning to end to ease the burden on their family when the time comes that their loved ones will have to deal with the hardship of their passing. My father in law was one of these. From beginning to end, he had it all planned out. He picked his own casket, the funeral home, the locations of the memorial service, the speaker and the place of his internment.

It is never easy to think about losing a loved one. But advance planning , as my father in law did, can aid the family in making the transition to a life without their loved one. Sometimes we don’t want to do things in advance but my father in law was 89 when he passed away, so he took it upon himself to make these plans. The family was able to honor him and the, now after a year, they are proud of the fact that he did all of this, even know that his end was near.

It is never easy to lose a loved one, but sometimes when we think back on what they do for us, it will put a smile on our face.

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