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Driving The Whole Day

Just a little bit busy for my two kids. Early in the morning, I have to take F to her swimming lessons; this will be her last since we will go on a trip this coming Monday. Then after that, I have to take my eldest daughter to Green Heights for her time trial for her swimming competition next week. She was doing just okay, maybe she just felt tired with the training and stuff that is why she swims slowly. After the time trial, I took her to Abreeza Mall for lunch; we went to Hukad restaurant for our sumptuous lunch. Then I drove again to Woodridge for training for my eldest, right after the training, we went to Kumon to get some worksheets. They suggested for a review since they thought Jm could not get to answer the new ones and they were not able to prepare new worksheets as well. And then we went to grocery shop for the house and for some snacks for JM to bring on Tuesday for her trip.

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