A Piece Of My Life Story

Have you ever felt about telling your life story to other people in your own words? I enjoy blogging. So when I am on the computer I blog. I can spend the whole day writing about my kids and what is going on around me. News stores, products I have just learned about or have taken an interest in, or just to talk about various websites I have visited. But I have never really talked much about my own life story.

I tend to keep my life private and don’t really share it with, except with friends and family. But life story talk gives us the opportunity to share our life story with others. I wonder if other people would fine my story interesting. I don’t know what others would think, but then again, I don’t k now how much I would want to share. One thing I would want them to know is that I have two lovely daughters husband who loves me and my love of blogging.

So what do I do when I get up in the morning? I check to see how many hits I have on my blog. I look to see if there are any comments I need to reply too and most of all I want to know if my visitors like what I like about. So for a little slice my life story a typical day starts with turning on the computer, checking my blog, and then preparing breakfast for the kids.

Once they have had breakfast it is time to get the eldest daughter off to school, I have to make sure he has her homework school books and that her ride is on time. For the youngest daughter I have to give her a bath and dress her for preschool. Now it’s my turn to sit at the computer and blog. That is a little piece of my life story.

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