Tired Of Waiting So I Will Fight Anyone

We went out early so my eldest could attend her session in Kumon early, she started the session almost 3:00 p.m. already. I was waiting outside when suddenly there was two boys chased each other. I didn’t know that the other kid was mad because the other boy spit out his saliva to him. He was so mad that he punched the other kid, the other kid also punched him back, they were also uttered some words against each other. One parent reported them both in the secretary, and the secretary tried to stop him. The brother of the other kid approached them and without any words he dragged his brother so to stop, the one who spitted a saliva remained there and he still keeps on murmuring, he said that he really doesn’t like to join Kumon but his parents insist him to attend, he is already tired waiting for his two brothers to finish their sessions and he always waited for 2 or 3 hours.

He keeps on shouting and keeps on creating some noise, the secretary informed the teacher so he would release the brother early so the kid will stop shouting in the parents lobby. When they passed by in front of me, the kid still keeps on murmuring, he added that his reason why he fought the other kid and spitted him saliva, it is because he was already bored.

This should note the parents that when your kid doesn’t like a certain activity, do not push him or her otherwise he or she will just create trouble. If you like to engage your kids in a particular activity, make sure that the decision came from your kid and not because you like him or her to do this and that, it is important for the kid that he or she enjoyed his or her sports or activity otherwise it will just a waste of time and money.

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