Will Have To Prepare Yet

I supposed to just stay at home this Saturday since I missed just being at home, these past few days were really hectic aside from the competition preparations that was held recently, my youngest daughter is also busy with her summer class, I need to drive her to her school early in the morning so my husband and I chat was lessened. Well, that’s okay though and he understands too so no worries. This Saturday I have to buy some pillows and blanket to be use for the house that we rent in New Bataan has lacked of those stuffs. So I guess, I will be very busy preparing that we have to bring in DAVRAA. To my daughter, just know that I am always proud of you, we love you although we are so kulit, telling you to win the competition but if you can’t that doesn’t mean I will love you less, I love you even more with all your perseverance and determination it is all enough for me.

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