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Lost Again!

We are so tired, we went to MOA today after Jm finished her lapse at Rizal stadium, we went there to take lunch but since it is the premiere of “Every Breath You Take”, I bought a ticker for 4 and watched it.

After the movie, I took the kids to the park, Jm rented the scooter and I bought a ticker for me and F for the rides, we took 2 rides all in all. F wanted to ride more but I told her we don’t have money anymore and so she obliged not to ask anymore.

We stayed there until the sky gets dark then we went up again to the mall to have our dinner. The restaurant along the park was too expensive, good thing they didn’t have Hito so we found an excuse to go out from the restaurant and went to the food court immediately.

We were lost, yes we’re lost again! I thought the Gil Puyat is just near at the Pedro Gil but no it is a totally different location. We have to ride an LRT to get to Pedro Gil easily so even though it is crowded there, we don’t have any choice.

The kids are exhausted when we arrived in the hotel and I am too, so goodnight everyone!

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It is woman’s desire to get engaged and to hear their own wedding bell, and I tell you to get engaged is to wear an engagement ring on their fingers. Mine is the simple diamond engagement ring and until now I am still wearing it together with my wedding ring, some wears the semi mount rings, its elegance and the stone itself gives enough attractions to women who are engaged or getting engage. I am just one of those lucky girls who wears the engagement ring, my husband gave me that the first time we met each other. And the moment he slipped it on my finger, I know then that we will be together forever. I know that we are still miles apart now but distance could not stop us of loving each other. Just like as what they said Diamonds are forever and so as our love towards each other.

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