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Now That She Is A Teenager

My oldest daughter will officially be a teenager soon. It seems like she is growing up so fast. I know that someday both my girls will have their own families, but while they are young, I want to cherish all the time we have with them. I know that when I give her gifts now, I will have select gifts for a teenaged girl, not what I used to get her before. She has already out grown cartoons and children’s games and not wants to be more mature things, and yet she still wants things that are cute. So now when I go shopping for her, I must take into mind that she is now a teenager.

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Light Skin

My daughter is truly approaching to a teenager because she is now conscious with her skin. Last year, her teacher asked her if her father is a black American because of her skin, as you all know she gets so tan because of her training in swimming, she just told her teacher that she doesn’t have a black American father but she had a white American Dad and she told her that she was on training that’s why her skin gets so dark.

During the last week of our stay in Manila, she told me that she wanted to get white or at least have a light skin; she wanted to stop for a while and just stay home to at least lighten her skin. I agree with her though, besides I wanted this time not to get so busy. I need also a break from sending her to the pool.

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