Sick While Touring

It is just so bad timing that while you are traveling; your kids are not feeling well. Yes, while we were on tour today my eldest daughter feels pain on her throat, and when we were already in the Strawberry farm, she had a headache all so sudden, she informed me after like minutes of touring the farm that she wanted to go back in the van to get rest. She was already teary eyed when I touch her forehead she was indeed had a fever. She sleeps for a moment while we were on our way to the Grotto.

F also had a dry cough, her voice is slowly fading yet she did not slip the fun away. She was still active and never got tired at all. Even though we had to walk up and down she never complained at all until we arrived here in the Pension Haus. The last thing I noticed after a while of just sitting down in the bed, she snored a bit loud, I guess she was tired after all.

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