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Home Late

I just went home, the training was late to finish tonight because one swimmer was late and so to wait for her to finish her lapse, we decided to stay for a while. I supposed to go out for workouts but when I went to the gym, I found out that they don’t have session for Saturday. I asked if they have foot spa and pedicure but they told me to wait for one hour because they don’t have much staffs today. I decided not to, instead I went back to the pool to wait for Jm instead, later one of the parents invited us for eat all you can dinner and so together with my friend and her daughter we went with them and your’s truly is again so full.

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Family Fun For Us

I was talking to my husband about where I would like to go. I told him a popular location here with a beach; he mentioned another location with mountains and forests. Well, me and the girls are water people and my husband, who does not really care for the sun, would much rather be in the mountains.

What if we could go to a beach resort that is close to the mountains, this way we could satisfy both our desires and still vacation together spending time at the beach or going up and visiting the mountains, then returning to very nice accommodations?

So this got me to thinking about Provo and having family fun in Utah. There are lots of attractions and there are fun centers in Utah. It seems like a great place to have a family vacation or just getting away for a weekend.

I know the girls, they will have fun no matter what we do, if we were to go bowling, or do some kind of obstacle course, but most of all my two daughter will want to get in the water. My eldest loves to swim and my youngest is just learning. I will be in the water with them and try to get my husband in the water at the same time otherwise he will just sit and watch us or read a book. If he does that we will splash water on him.

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Hiatus Again

Here I am again, trying to gather myself from being hiatus for so many days. I just got too busy nowadays especially when my daughter is back in the training. So while I dropped her at the pool, I will have to have my belly session for an hour then I will be back for her after that. Yesterday, your’s truly went to Pearl Farm with friends, we had so much fun especially when we rode in the Banana Boat, that was my first time and I could really say that I really enjoyed it because I have my eyes wide open this time. Anyhow, I will be sharing with this to you all in the coming days, and I will be visiting your blog soon.

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Obeying Her Teacher

My youngest daughter improved a lot at school, she won’t bug her teacher anymore while her teacher is talking and will not go under the table to play. The other day, there was an electricity outage, they have to go out from the classroom because it gets too hot already, they were in the gym singing, my sister saw them from the parent’s lobby she noticed that when they finished singing and they were asked to sit down, F obeyed her teacher and sat down unlike before, she would run or play or just don’t listen at all.

During their dismissal and she would go to the line in front to go out first, her teacher would tell her it was not her turn yet and she should go back to her line, she would go back at the back to wait for her turn without any complains! Yay, my baby is now behaving at school and I could not be happier! My baby, I love you so much!

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