First Day Of School

Today is the first day of school, everyone got so excited, oh well I guess for it seems like my niece is not and F was just okay with it. But with Jm’s oh, she misses school maybe because she stopped swimming for a while. I got excited too, I didn’t expect that I will be missing cooking in the morning for breakfast. F got up so early, she was the only one who is noisy, trying to talk to me in the kitchen. Later, I woke up my niece and daughter to prepare for school, I already done with the breakfast so I settle myself in the computer to chat with my husband while we are trying to figure out why is the web cam got so messy. Anyway, my husband had so much fun talking to my daughter in the computer as well. My daughter was laughing so hard when her Dad made some faces in the cam. Oh yeah, finally my web cam is fixed now, thanks to my husband for that.

Jm will just spending half day today at school, she just brought a sling back and one notebook. They don’t have to wear their uniforms for now yet. I know, I know this is too early to say this but I hope my daughter could find one activity at school that she would love doing, if only the school would train swimmers, I will be happy to enroll my daughter even I have to pay extra.

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