I Won A Wristwatch

During our stay in Manila we always visited the Tom’s World. Tom’s world is like the Game Zone and Time Zone where you can play different games, and if you win the game you have some prices you can take home. On the first day, I was just watching Jm and my friends playing, I noticed my friend had so much fun but she spent about P200.00 but she was still not able to get the watch that she aimed to have. The game was like this you have to drop a coin so the coins inside the machine will move forward and if some coins would fall down, you will get tickets. On the second day, I tried to drop a coin inside the machine, I noticed that the wristwatch would almost go down to the bin; I know more coins would do to win it. So I asked Jm to give me a peso coin and then after I spent like 100 bucks, the wrist watch fall down, we have to ask a staff to get the wrist watch, it was a nice wrist watch that’s why I didn’t stopped playing until I got it. But sigh my sister I took it away with her when they went here at home for a visit. GRRRR!

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  1. Mona says:

    Congrats, ako puro ticket lang nakukha .. Long time no visit here!

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