Kimmy Dora Trailer Part 2

Right after our appointment with Jm’s Doctor, we decided to watch a movie. I’d been wanting and waiting to watch this movie since the trailer was on air, I can’t wait to watch it and now the day was set. I invited my friend to watch it together yesterday but we were already late for our belly-dancing session thus I reserve this day if we would finish early to watch the Kimmy Dora.

My daughter and I got so excited when we entered the cinema, we hurriedly settled ourselves in the vacant seats and the moment we sat down, we saw that Dora was telling Kimmy like several times that Barry is sent to the emergency, same line of sentence, same action and Kimmy answered her so many times like “what”, geez I don’t know how to describe perfectly it but we were laughing so hard with Dora’s act.

Anyway, later I realized that the Part 1 was even funnier than this one especially with the scene when Kimmy was kidnapped and was trying to escape, my GOD my laugh could reach to the other cinema. My friend was also laughing so hard and even told me that she can deliver her baby at that very moment.

In fairness with the Part 2, it has also a lot to offer, because if not there will be more vacant seats available to those who entered and watched the movie. I can still laugh but not loud this time, if I could rate it if the part 1 was nearly 10, I could rate this one at 8. Not bad eh?

Here’s the trailer of the movie.

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  1. chubskulit says:

    Looks like a funny movie to watch!

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