Moving Forward

My eldest is a swimmer at heart, this is what I believe in because when I asked her to choose between the guitar and swimming. She still chooses swimming even she loves the guitar that much. She even told me that she will just enroll guitar during summer days, I have asked the same question over and over again but she only have one answer. So I guess, it is time for her to go back, tomorrow we will be going to the pool and let’s see how would she respond with the new team. I supposed not to join at all but would I sacrifice the effort that my daughter has exerted on her previous training, would I took her away from her very first love? She has proven her worth in swimming although yes I have to thank her coach for all the inspiring words and his hardships just for Jm to excel on this sport. We owed it to him, but things have change and sometimes there are things that I think it is right not to go back at all. But we should move forward, we have to put an end with those chapters in our lives and start anew with another one. So now, I am allowing my daughter to go back in swimming as she has been asking me for it since the school starts.

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