She Declined My Offer

I supposed to take Jm to the pool yesterday but when I asked her in the afternoon she said no, I wonder why she declined my offer while it is her favorite sport. So anyway I did not insist her to the pool instead we bought her youngest sister some health stuff she could bring and use at school. It will be F’s school today so she needs to bring all the requirements. Although Jm’s declined my offer to go swimming she told me that she is willing now to try the piano lesson and maybe voice lesson as well. I am not sure though when could we enroll her but what I am sure is not now because I spent a lot of money when we were in vacation last month and now it’s time to save up again.

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  1. genny says:

    from sports to entertainment….nice one! good luck to you daughter…pwede moapil sa voice lesson?hehe

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