Skating In The Afternoon

Ever since my eldest daughter stops training for swimming, I was worried she might get chubby or fat as it would be the result when a person stops what she used to do but in the contrary I guess she will never get chubby because she busied herself with skating almost everyday. She is doing for almost two hours and she would rest at my sister’s house in Phase 1 and when she’s on her way home, she would skate again. I know she’s a sporty kid and too bad that she is not swimming anymore but who knows we will get back in swimming maybe in a different trainer this time and this I promised to myself I will never get attached with a group anymore because if circumstances will happen at least I will not be that affected at all. On the other hand, when my funds are stable, I will enroll her for piano lessons and voice lessons, in that way she would still get busy at least in the weekend this time.

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