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Wearing Her P.E. Uniform


I forgot to include the P.E. uniform of my youngest daughter during enrollment, so when the teacher gave out some uniforms to F’s classmates, she cried so hard when she realized she doesn’t have any. She was complaining to my sister, (my sister is the one who sends her to school, I hired a carpool for them) and my sister asked the teacher why she was not given any P.E. uniform the teacher then informed her that I was not able to pay her P.E. uniform so my sister told me about it, the next day, I gave her the money to pay, it takes them one month to give out another batch of uniforms. And my daughter’s uniform was included after several times of follow ups in their office. My daughter was so happy to receive, when my sister tried that to her, she won’t take that off anymore but of course she has to since their P.E. is on Friday yet. Friday came; she was so excited to wear her own P.E. uniform. Aside from her new uniform she is so excited of another running in the play ground and watching some other cartoons in their classroom. Friday, is definitely their day.

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She Felt Bad

Too bad, I know my daughter felt badly when I decided not to buy her new fins today because we were running out of time. When I send her to her KUMON sessions she expected that we can purchase her new fins since the old one is too tight for her anymore, she was so excited to finish her worksheets in KUMON but when I fetched her at the KUMON from grocery shopping, I changed my mind, instead of going to the mall, I told her to go immediately to the pool since we were running out of time. She felt bad, she really wanted to have new fins, it was hard for her to use the old one, I told her if we can catch up before closing of the mall I will buy her one pair, but they finished their training almost 9:00 p.m., already so the mall was about to close at that time. In short it was postponed again, I hope to buy it tomorrow after church, the mall that has the fins that she want is a bit far from where we reside, so it would be a long trip tomorrow for F, I hope she will be still and there will be no kuliting inside the car.

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The Converter

My kids love to watch TV, they are hooked up to it during weekends because it’s a big no no for them to watch on weekdays. I also love watching TV thus I wished so well that I have my own HDTV, it is not possible before but in today’s high technology everything is possible because we can just buy converter. You must be wondering how this is possible and how this one works with you analog TV oh well, as I said there is no impossible with this upgrading world. I am sure the kids would love this, imagine we can watch high quality digital TV for free just for this converter. Really, I don’t have any idea how this one will work; I have to have it before I will know it and before I can tell you the full details. For now, we will just be satisfied with our cable that when it rains, the cable satellite will not work. Sigh!

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Daddy Is Sitting On The Plane

That is what my youngest daughter always say when she sees a plane in the sky. It is just amazing because we did not tell her that her father is far away and he needs to ride on a plane when he gets here.

They were in a carpool going home when she pointed a plane to my sister. She said “that’s daddy, sitting on the plane, bye bye Daddy” I was so touched, I mean even my husband told me she was predicting. Oh well, how I wish he will be here soon. I miss him so bad, we do.

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