Threw Up This Morning

I was watching a movie this morning when suddenly F threw up in the kitchen.

At first she want to drink water over and over again, so my sister said something is wrong, she would throw up if she will drink a lot of water since they just finished taking her breakfast. So I told sister to just buy some candies outside but just before she went back, F was already throwing up in the kitchen. All the foods that she took for breakfast was wasted, my sister want to feed her again because F will go to school without anything on her tummy at all. But I told her no, F got better this time after she threw up if we would let her eat again, she will possibly throw up again. And she could not be absent from school because they have a long quiz in Math. I was worried though when they went off to school but when they got back home, she’s fine and she was even smiling at me, so I guess there was nothing happened at school then.

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