Wearing Her P.E. Uniform


I forgot to include the P.E. uniform of my youngest daughter during enrollment, so when the teacher gave out some uniforms to F’s classmates, she cried so hard when she realized she doesn’t have any. She was complaining to my sister, (my sister is the one who sends her to school, I hired a carpool for them) and my sister asked the teacher why she was not given any P.E. uniform the teacher then informed her that I was not able to pay her P.E. uniform so my sister told me about it, the next day, I gave her the money to pay, it takes them one month to give out another batch of uniforms. And my daughter’s uniform was included after several times of follow ups in their office. My daughter was so happy to receive, when my sister tried that to her, she won’t take that off anymore but of course she has to since their P.E. is on Friday yet. Friday came; she was so excited to wear her own P.E. uniform. Aside from her new uniform she is so excited of another running in the play ground and watching some other cartoons in their classroom. Friday, is definitely their day.

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  1. Cute naman ni Faith sa uniform nya. 🙂

  2. liz says:

    OMG! ang laki laki na ni Faith grabe! ilang taon na nga siya? she looks so cute in her P.E. uniform. How are you anne?

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