Her Coach Updates

My daughter is on training everyday so she doesn’t have much free time for herself. I guess swimming is the stress reliever as she is always busy everyday.

Her coach told me her updates every night. One of the things that she needs to change is she keeps on talking to her co-swimmers. The coach even told her to stop talking as she is always catching her breath whenever their sprinting is finish.

Last night, I gave her coach a ride since he will stop at the area that we will passed through, he gave me updates again regarding with my daughter’s training. He told me that Jm keeps on walking in the pool; you see the pool is just 4 to 5 feet deep so she can just walked on it.

The coach reprimanded her of that, and when he said to just stop him in the corner of the road. I talked to my daughter immediately, I reminded her that it was her choice to continue her sport and that if she can’t take it seriously then maybe we have to stop. She disagreed with me; she told me next time she will not do it again.

I know that there are times she wanted to be just a kid, playing and talking and laughing all the time she want to but her competition is approaching and since she chooses to continue her training, she should be responsible enough to reach her goal.

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