I Forgot To Pay Her Tuition Fee

So silly of me! I forgot to pay the tuition fee of my eldest daughter, I thought her exam would be just tomorrow yet but then I realized that today and not tomorrow is their periodical exam. This morning my daughter keeps on bugging me about her permit; she said she can’t take the exam if she could not pay her tuition fee. Good thing, I still have some money I set aside inside my wallet, I supposed to deposit it in my savings account today. I hope she is able to pay her tuition fee before her periodical exam start. And I hope she will be extra careful with the money I gave her. How I wish no one will attempt to get it from her, you know,  there are people who just take of what you had work so hard for their own interest, I remember when I was still in college, every paying of tuition fees, there are always reports of robbery at school. Sigh, if only there is someone else who could watch after my youngest here at home, I would rather pay it myself.

I did not stop reprimanding her to take care of the money I gave her for her tuition fee though; I just hope she will be very diligent.

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