Reward From Winning Her Event

Jm won two gold and two silvers during her DAVRAA competition and for that the government sent them their reward for winning their event. For gold, each one she would receive P600.00 so she got P1, 200.00 for that for silver she got P500.00 each. So all in all she got P2, 200.00 from the local government. When she received the announcement, we immediately went to the office to claim her reward. She could not contain her happiness, she told me to keep the half of it and the half of it she would buy a new pair of pants since that was her promised to herself and to me since her swimming stuff are very expensive. She told me not to worry her personal stuff because she would be the one to buy for it when her savings are enough. Yes, she is also has savings now, I helped her though; I would keep her allowance and will put it in a box everyday.

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14 Responses to “Reward From Winning Her Event”

  1. ralph says:

    its good that the local govt gave rewards for those excelling in their sports… it make our young athletes strive more for excellence, more than the money, the recognition it gives them… Yahweh bless.

  2. Josie says:

    Hi Anne, nice to visit your blog again, it’s been a while, was it from EC or adgi.. lol anyways congrats to your daughter!!!

  3. tatess says:

    wow, an achiever.It is fulfilling to get rewards (monetary, etc) from the government, this is one way of encouragement to the participants.

  4. Maricel says:

    Kudos to the government for encouraging sports in the youth through rewards like this. And congratulations to you, too, for instilling the importance of savings in JM. A kid can’t be too young to learn about money and the importance of saving up for the future.

  5. yay! congrats JM for winning both gold and silver 🙂 You are really a good swimmer 🙂 I hope to see you in the Olympics one day 🙂 You are very sweet too especially to your Mom, keep it up sweetie 🙂

  6. Pepper Tan says:

    Congrats to your daughter! You’re one proud momma :). Before you know it, she’ll be competing in the Olympics 😉

  7. lanie says:

    good work, congratulations.

  8. Franc Ramon says:

    Congrats to Jm for winning to gold. Keep up the great job and maybe he’ll receiving a gold to in bigger events.

  9. violy says:

    wow congrats JM! galing naman, I never one anything from sports.. hehe. Goodluck and keep on training for more bigger events.

  10. lovemindanao says:

    wow .. already a wise achiever… that’s what’s lacking from the children today… nice way of bringing up the kid.. kudos to you:D

  11. It’s good that at this early stage, she knows how to share . Congratulations for winning!

  12. levy says:

    congratulations to your daughter! It is nice that she knows how to save at an early age 🙂

  13. Continue to keep your mom proud JM! great job!

  14. marri says:

    CONRATS to JM!!!
    Two golds and silvers…
    Amazing! Then a cash reward,
    good job! More Power!

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