The Project That Is Not For Prep

Wow! I never thought that my youngest daughter’s project could be this expensive. The project must be submitted on 24th so my sister and I went to the mall the other day to buy the materials. When we went to the counter to pay for it, my goodness, it reached up to such amount I never expected.

The next day, my niece went to the house to help my eldest daughter to make the project of F. The teacher said though that F should help painting the Styrofoam but nope she didn’t help, she was just bugging them around. After they painted it, they put some decorative materials to the shapes and yet those were not enough, we have to add more to it. And for that, we went out again yesterday to buy more, I just hope that this will be finished and the decorative materials are enough. My goodness this kind of project is not for Prep but for elementary already, F did not help after all.

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