Bought Books For My Youngest

When we went at Fea’s school last Friday, after their field demo, I dragged Fea to the stalls where books were displayed. I found out that the prices of the books were marked down and so I took the opportunity. The sales girl said that they usually marked down some books because they are directed to the company itself so the books are mainly company’s price. I bought 4 books for my youngest and when she learned that I bought some books for her, she was so delighted. She keeps on bugging me to read her some books at night. And last night, when we went to bed together, I read her like 3 stories from the Princess stories book. She listened intently but then it was time to sleep so I stop I told her to close her eyes too but she didn’t instead she tried to make a story out of the images printed in the book. I just let her and slept ahead of her, when I woke up to brush my teeth, she was already sleeping in my side.

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