Issue In Swimming

I actually want my daughter to stop her training in swimming because of some issues that I don’t know where it came from. And worst of it is parents and coach is involved.

Just recently I heard something from our previous club, the club that my daughter started her swimming, I don’t know if I would take it seriously or not, or just laugh about it or maybe the karma just blew off to them because we were not able to get our money back that we paid for the mother club as he said. Now they have to pay although not to us but to one parent there, they put it into writing that the parent can get the refund of a certain amount. We were not able to fight that because we thought we will just leave it and move on but I was hoping that the next day he will have to pay.

Moreover, the parent will file against the coach for suspecting her of something that is not even true. See karma will soon happen if not with us it would be with another person who has the ability to nail them down.

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