Playing Girls Online Games

I have two girls and most of the time when they are not busy with school, I would find them both in the computer to play games. Sometimes they play the girly stuff like dressing up games and Girls Cooking GamesĀ . My eldest daughter would be the one to play and my youngest is the one who would cheer her up, she would giggle and laughing when her sister would lose the game. But the problem with browsing games online, there are times they would land to a website, which has some virus and would attack my computer. I always told Mj about this, so far she is being careful with what website for games she has to open.

When there’s disadvantage, hence there is also the advantage of letting my kids play online and that is they get to bond with each other. Mj would also teach Fea to play their favorite games online and my youngest would get too thrilled and excited that led her not to allow her eldest sister to touch the computer. Mj would somehow understands, Fea is only 4 years old anyway so she just let her little sister to play and she will just watch the TV instead.

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