When You Let Your Kids Engaged In Sports

My eldest daughter is so active, even though she has no time at all to walk around the neighborhood just like before; she still exercised a lot because of her daily training. She is also not allowed to use the computer every weekdays and she doesn’t complain at all.

However, my youngest daughter is the opposite; she is always at home, watching TV or doing the computer stuff after she is done with school. I am so guilty about this; how I wish I have always the time to bring her to the parks once in a while. Although I always see to it that on weekend, we will go to the mall and walking around or let her do the rides but it is still not enough. I want her to play with other kids in the playground.

Moreover, inasmuch as she loves to swim I could not still enroll her to swim like her sister. Even though some of the parents said she is good at it because she is so hyper yet she is still so young to seriously engage to any sports. In time when she is ready to listen to the coach, I surely enroll her.

Running or playing in the parks certainly could help the kids for their physical activities but sports can do much more than exercising. Here are some of the benefits that I found in Good Housekeeping magazine edition March 2012.

  • It’s an outlet for your children who have so much energy.
  • Training and games will help them get physically fit.
  • It encourages teamwork and cooperation.
  • It increases coordination and discipline.
  • It fosters a sense of accomplishment.
  • It teaches them how to win and lose the right way. If nurtured problem, it will also teach a positive sense of competitiveness.
  • It creates positive self-esteem and builds confidence.
  • It improves mental health and helps in concentration and focus in class.
  • It allows them to build social skills through peer interaction
  • Eventually, children will likely to be more nutrition-conscious in their food choices.
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