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School Semestral Break

My eldest daughter sem-break started last week, she was so happy that she finally could rest from school works and school activity. She could now enjoy watching her favorite program in the TV although she is still busy with other stuffs like swimming and Kumon sessions; she could now sleep whenever she wants at home.

While Mj is enjoying her sem-break, my youngest daughter still is struggling to wake up early in the morning to attend her class. Yes, she still have school until now, I pitied her though because we know it is hard for her to wake up every morning but I can’t do anything with it, not to mention that she have a long quiz in computer today.

I really don’t understand, almost all of the schools were already have their break but her school would have their break yet tomorrow, November 1. How I wish they scheduled the sem-break for the preschoolers ahead of those who are already graders. I can’t help but to just sigh!

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Trick Or Treat Inside Our Village

Yesterday, the clubhouse participated the trick or treat inside our village. The kids were so excited even Mj who is already 11 years old. Oh well, I have to spare her; it is her first time to wear a costume and join this kind of event. So here are the two ready for the trick or treat.



I also bought some candies, I bought not the usual types that we can see in Sari Sari store. I want the kids to also experience a level up candies. When my kids saw it, they wanted to get it even before the event started. So I just told my niece to set aside some so the kids could still have it, in case they only get a few. But I doubt it if the kids could only get a few, with Faith enthusiasm and charming, I am sure she can full her basket with candies and I was right! She even told her older sister, and so proud that her basket is fuller than of Mj.



Right after the trick or treat around the village, the kids immediately went to the clubhouse again to join the program that the admin prepared for them. The party was full of fun and on Tuesday there will be another party in the clubhouse again.


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She Still Went Through Even With Circumstances

The swimming competition went okay, although Mj were not able to swim fast through the others, and thought she could not make it anymore, I am still thankful that she was able to be one of the top 10 and still qualified for DAVRAA.

I don’t care anymore of those people who are trying to stand in her way just for her not to get through DAVRAA, whoever they are, they are not worth my attention at all. And even if she could not get through on the said competition, it is definitely okay with us. Maybe they are thinking we will be lost or something if Mj could not make it, well hell no! I am just on this sport because of my daughter and not because of their criticism. Even Mj could not compete, she still have a brighter future ahead of her.

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Snowboarding For My Kids

My husband tells me that when he parks are work, a lot of the cars have various kinds of racks on them.  I asked him what they were for.  He said that since it is turning winter soon, that some cars have ski and wakeboard storage racks on them already.  I have limited exposure to skiing and ski boarding, but it looks like fun.  It looks like something I would like to try.  My husband tell me about going tubing when he was a kid, but that snowboarding is exiting.

When I watch the professionals compete in snowboarding on television I am amazed at the tricks they can do.  It is really fun to watch.  I always hope they do a perfect 360 or 720 and land safely, but of course the crowd will roar just as much when they crash as when they perform a perfect stunt.

My two daughters are young and as long as they have a good coach who will stress safety first, I think it might be a good thing for them to learn.  My eldest daughter is already a competitive swimmer and I know that she would love to branch out into snowboarding also.  We have talked to her about what she might like to do and since swimming is primarily a spring and summer event this might be something she would want to take up in the winter.  If so, we will be one of the cars with a snowboard rack on it.

The youngest girl is a bit imitator of her older sister.  She always wants to do what sister does and is her biggest fan at swimming competitions.  I don’t know if 4 is too young to start this type of activity, but when is too early and when is too late?  I know that if we take it slow with her she can excel at anything she tries.

I don’t know if I can get my husband on a snowboard or not, as for me? Well I want to try.  Even if I am just going down small slopes, it will be fun.  What do you think?  Please let me know your thoughts?

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