Can’t Hit Two Birds In One Stone

It already happened twice already, Faith attended a party without me. It is not that I don’t wanna go but I have to attend her sister who is competing in another town. The place is a bit far, 3 hours by bus so I just could not go then go home for my youngest.

When we get home I just enjoyed myself looking at Faith’s pictures while at the party. I could see her thrill and excitement while playing with other kids. But I hope next time I am there to witness the event. Sometimes, I would wish that my eldest would not win this DCAA so we can stay at home and play with her youngest sister but of course I would also be happy if she has a place, it give my eldest daughter a credit for training so hard in the pool. Sigh; there are times that we can’t hit two birds in one stone. I just wish the best for my daughters and enjoy the moment when they are still kids.

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