School Semestral Break

My eldest daughter sem-break started last week, she was so happy that she finally could rest from school works and school activity. She could now enjoy watching her favorite program in the TV although she is still busy with other stuffs like swimming and Kumon sessions; she could now sleep whenever she wants at home.

While Mj is enjoying her sem-break, my youngest daughter still is struggling to wake up early in the morning to attend her class. Yes, she still have school until now, I pitied her though because we know it is hard for her to wake up every morning but I can’t do anything with it, not to mention that she have a long quiz in computer today.

I really don’t understand, almost all of the schools were already have their break but her school would have their break yet tomorrow, November 1. How I wish they scheduled the sem-break for the preschoolers ahead of those who are already graders. I can’t help but to just sigh!

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