Utilizing Her Time At The Most

 I don’t know anymore how to utilize my eldest daughter’s time but she somehow managed her time. This month she supposed to get busy only on her training but she said she was passed the dance audition and they are practicing a modern dance right now to be presented in the celebration for Children’s Month next week. I suggested for her, at least if she likes if we just dropped down the swimming, I mean not to join for DCAA’s competition so she can concentrate at whatever activity she has at school yet she said she cannot do that, she also told me she can managed everything.

Right now, after their periodical test, she went home and told me she needs to go back because they will have practice at school. Later she would also have training in the pool, sigh sometimes I am the one who got so stressed with her energy but I hope whatever she does, she would be successful. I am not actually persisting her to win in DCAA, maybe we will just have to take it slow but if she can have a place, I would treat it as a super bonus.

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