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3 Best Shots

Whenever my eldest will go to a competition, I always see to it that I brought my camera with me. But with all of her competition, I only captured 3 best shots.


This is taken when she had her first competition in the learn-to-swim program that she attended. Her stroke was not developed yet and good thing I was able to capture this picture on that event.


This was last year, actually I thought I set the camera to video settingsĀ but when I clicked, it flashed and then I realized I just captured the best moment in her swimming career.


This one was taken at Gen San this year.

Those were only the best 3 pictures shots in her 3 years in this sport yet it remarks in our heart. I just hope that whatever sport she would choose next year, could it be in the music field or soccer; she would still prosper and will never give up.


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