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I Want A Cellphone

My husband has been asking my youngest daughter, what she wants for Christmas; at first she answered him she wants to have an ipad of course with my eldest daughter coached her. My husband told my eldest to stop coaching her because she can’t decide of herself if she always told her what she want, and besides my eldest lost her new Nintendo so no more gadgets yet for this holiday season. After a week my husband asked my youngest again what she wants for Christmas and suddenly she told him, I want a Cellphone. My husband was like “Oh no, not another gadget again.” good thing Faith suddenly said “I want a pink one, the pink toy cellphone” LOL, my husband then sigh with relief.

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What I Love About Christmas?

It’s the Christmas season here at home and when I bought a new Christmas tree, the youngest girl was jumping up and down smiling and saying she loves Christmas.  One of my favorite things about Christmas is the music.  I love carols and I love the sound of Christmas bells.  I can imagine my youngest daughter playing Silver Bells on a bell kit.  I think she has the desire and the skill to learn to play any type of percussion instrument.  But the pure clear clarion sound of bells has always made me feel happy.  Bells are an integral part of the Christmas season for me.  I would be nice if either of my girls would learn how to use a bell kit skillfully.

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