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Swimming Is Not Her Sport Anymore And This Is Final

When Mj started her swimming, we somehow neglected her studies. All the grades although not failing but they are low than before, I am just so thankful that she was able to pull over in the second grading for this school year  when she is not that active anymore in training. I just can’t stop her maybe because of some friends I made in the pool, and she was also determined to train. But because I just had a word fight to someone in FB, one of the parents of the previous club, it added more of my disappointment. I know I should not be affected of that but I just don’t like to hear something that would make me not to be able to compose myself. I also don’t like my daughter to mistakenly describe a sportsmanship by how they acted. I know you would say I should not give up for my daughter, she has potential and she should continue no matter what, yes, actually it was June of this year that I really want her to stop but for the sake of her of how she loves swimming, even though I am tired already of the people around who doesn’t know the real story and the people whose nothing else to do but backbite, I didn’t stop sending Mj to the pool.

Last DCAA, as I really don’t like to pay attention to those people, I heard something that almost made me to erupt but I tried so hard to compose myself and who are they anyway? They don’t worth any of my precious attention and time. So as this sport is beginning to get smaller for all of us here, I tried to convince Mj to swift her swimming to music yet to no avail. So even her rank is 50/50 as they said they changed the result the first result is she was included in the top ten and be competing to DAVRAA, she still continue her swimming.

Lately, when she learns that there are some changes, she was disappointed though some of the parents hoped that she would still be competing on February. That disappointed became bigger and bigger until last Saturday, she suddenly whispered to me she is now willing to let go of swimming and swift it to piano lesson. I was hesitant at first, I mean I also, already made a decision that she would continue even she wins or lose but I could not insist her in which she doesn’t like to do anymore. The coach fees, the pool fees and all the expenses if we compete to another place are not fun at all; I have to spend more of my budget for the month so that we can go to the venue.

Most often than not, I am happier that she is already the one who made the decision. I am just here to support her of whatever extracurricular activities she would join in the coming days.

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The Evolution of Photography and Video

When I was growing up, the only kind of photography available to us was the film type.  No digital video or point and shoot cameras.  We had to buy film and take the photos from one of the old conventional cameras then take it to a shop for processing.  It would take days or in some cases a week or two to get the photos.  You really did not know what you were getting until the prints came back.  If you were lucky, the shop would not charge you for the ones you messed up on, but most would.  Sometimes the results were very good and sometimes, if your hand was not steady, the photo would not turn out well.

As far as home movies go, most of us could not afford a video camera.  It was not until cheaper VHS cameras came out that we could.

Now that we have digital cameras, almost all of which can take movies, we have a lot more freedom with what we want to capture.  I have imagery of both my girls that are very dear to me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched the very first time I was able to capture my youngest daughter on digital video.

One thing I wish I would have had back in those early days was step by step videos instructions. I know I could have done something’s better when taking the videos.  I have followed my youngest one from her birth to now and as for my eldest daughter, I have almost all of her swimming competitions on my computer.  Now if I want to compile the video I can, I can make a montage of all her competitions and edit sound and music.  I love my kids and as they grow I want a record of their progress, their triumphs and even the moments when I catch them when they are just being crazy young girls.

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