3 Best Shots

Whenever my eldest will go to a competition, I always see to it that I brought my camera with me. But with all of her competition, I only captured 3 best shots.


This is taken when she had her first competition in the learn-to-swim program that she attended. Her stroke was not developed yet and good thing I was able to capture this picture on that event.


This was last year, actually I thought I set the camera to video settingsΒ but when I clicked, it flashed and then I realized I just captured the best moment in her swimming career.


This one was taken at Gen San this year.

Those were only the best 3 pictures shots in her 3 years in this sport yet it remarks in our heart. I just hope that whatever sport she would choose next year, could it be in the music field or soccer; she would still prosper and will never give up.


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19 Responses to “3 Best Shots”

  1. wow! ang galing naman!! Best shot ever !

  2. I love the second shot the most, you captured it perfectly!

  3. lencilicious says:

    Your daughter did a great job. Lovely snaps.

  4. Rcel says:

    So WOW!!! pang-olympic kaayo mommy imong anak. Keep nurturing and supporting her. She will go far for sure! πŸ™‚

  5. Nova S says:

    a fantastic shots! the best ever too, the most important of all, you have them captured in your camera…

  6. Lainy says:

    Your daughter sure got a future in international swimming competitions. I have always admired you for being so supportive of her swimming career πŸ™‚

  7. kulasa says:

    wow!!! she looks like a great swimmer and you captured her perfectly indeed! How old is she now? I do not know how to swim and I am always totally mesmerized by swimmers. You have an awesome daughter and she has a great mom who supports her all the way…God bless your family always πŸ™‚

  8. Wow! congrats mommy and to your daughter. She has a good future on swimming I could tell.

  9. Dhemz says:

    wow! those were awesome shots mami…great job MJ! best supporting mom!

  10. Great shots, I myself on the other hand need to practice motion shots and timing. Good job!

  11. Swimming is on my top favorite sport.., i swim a lot and i want to go to a formal swimming lesson, maybe if my little Destine is capable already to do the same so we will go together πŸ™‚

  12. papaleng says:

    How graceful naman ng movement niya sa butterfly stroke. Ito ata ang pinakamahirap sa 4 swimming strokes. Galing ng anak mo.

  13. Rovie says:

    Wow, beautiful shots indeed. Very athletic ni MJ Mare.

    Way to go. πŸ™‚

  14. gracia says:

    I love the 2nd shot…nice one MJ, stay competitive

  15. cheerful says:

    great shots, indeed, 3 precious photos of her swimming career. love the second shot, πŸ™‚ cheers for more great shots in her swimming career. πŸ™‚ and yes, you’re such a very supportive mommy.

  16. jennyL says:

    Love the 2nd shot .. you captured her dive right in time!

  17. Ria C says:

    sorry for the late comment. i thought i already commented to all the participants.

    kudos to your kid! i am really a big fan of young swimmers because swimming is one of the endurance sports and being able to compete in a young age only goes to show her determination and discipline to perfect the game. great job!

  18. She’s awesome! :))

    These 3 shots are treasures, treasures she will keep, for sure.

    Ahhh. You’re one proud mommy.

    Wish I know how to swim! πŸ™

  19. emzkie says:

    those are great shots sis! perfect angle. i like the second one that shows her back. wow.. thanks for sharing

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