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Ms. Congeniality

My youngest daughter is too friendly that I even get scared from time to time because she can be taken away from us with her always positive response to all. That’s why, if we go to the mall or some public places, I always holding her hands even she wanted to let go.

Last night was the birthday of her cousin so we went to Outback Grill to celebrate it. Outback Grill is the finest and newest restaurant in town. My asthma is attacking me again so I went to the CR to have an air puff. When I went out from the CR my sister was laughing because Faith was making friend with the owner of the restaurant. Faith wore a Santa Claus outfit and the owner said he like her outfit, my youngest made a conversation in an instant. Mr. Worceley toured her around the restaurant; they talked for a while before Faith went to our table.

After a while, the owner of the restaurant approached us in our table. He told Faith that since she is friendly, he would give her a ticket to Zoofari for free, Faith was so delighted because she can bring her cousin and  with her in the play house.

Now that’s a proof that my daughter is always the Ms. Congeniality no matter where she goes, I will just be extra careful of whom she will be going to talk to or approached of for her safety.

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