Isn’t It Comfortable?

Faith is growing so fast, even her underwear does not fit her anymore and yet we still insist it for her to wear it. Later it became so loose that it would just fall off, one day as she was really trying so hard to pull it over at school she confusedly asked my sister, her Aunt, “Malyn (as she calls her Malyn instead of Auntie Malyn), why is my panty so big?”. My sister did not answer, she was just giggling secretly but she almost burst her laughter. When they arrived home and her tutor arrived, Faith told her “You know what cher, my panty is so so big”, while pulling it up over, her teacher smiled and just told her, “Faith, that’s okay, isn’t it comfortable?” My daughter was bewildered showing a frown face; of course it is really not comfortable! We can’t laugh at her reaction because we know she would tell us “Don’t make a fun of me, I am not a clown”.

So today when I went out together with Mj, she told me to buy her a bunny and it should be a white bunny, I know she was referring to a stuff toy. She has been asking that to her Dad on the phone and she repeats the same wish to me. When we were on the mall, I was looking for a bunny stuffed toy but the in-charge said they don’t have bunny on stuck. Thus, I looked for another stuffed toy and I saw the Mickey Mouse, I know she loves Mickey Mouse so I called her at home but no one answered. The Mickey Mouse was displayed just adjacent to Children’s Department, I saw some underwear’s hanging on the display and I remembered her complain! I immediately picked one pack, which contains 8 underwear with different colors and prints.

When we arrived home, she suddenly asked me of the white bunny, I answered that I was not able to buy her a white bunny, she showed me a mad and sad and mad face but she was so happy when I told her I got her some underwear. She could not contain her excitement that she hugged all the underwear. She told me she loves all the colors and designs, and she exclaimed no more big panty, yeheey!!!

My sister and I laugh so hard when she put all the underwear in her storage box.

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