Running And Swimming Is The Best For Asthma

My asthma is consistently attacking me nowadays, I don’t know why but there is no day that I am using my air puff because I can’t breathe at all. My friends are suggesting some exercise for me to do, and one of them are running or jogging and swimming. Mind you, none of these that I would like to do not even walking around the neighbourhood; I get easily tired and would get a muscle pain. I must prepare one bottle of minty ointment so after I would exercise I will ask my daughter to put some ointment on my back.

My friend invited me yesterday to at least have a plunge in the water once a week, I am not sure if I could do it regularly but maybe I could do it once in a week since I only got busy  with my blog nowadays, no more sending a kid to the pool every after class. We don’t care anymore of the result that they would come up; importantly we have a life now that we enjoyed the fullest without anyone to be concerned of yet I still have asthma attack to be concerned of. 🙂

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