Swimming Is Not Her Sport Anymore And This Is Final

When Mj started her swimming, we somehow neglected her studies. All the grades although not failing but they are low than before, I am just so thankful that she was able to pull over in the second grading for this school year  when she is not that active anymore in training. I just can’t stop her maybe because of some friends I made in the pool, and she was also determined to train. But because I just had a word fight to someone in FB, one of the parents of the previous club, it added more of my disappointment. I know I should not be affected of that but I just don’t like to hear something that would make me not to be able to compose myself. I also don’t like my daughter to mistakenly describe a sportsmanship by how they acted. I know you would say I should not give up for my daughter, she has potential and she should continue no matter what, yes, actually it was June of this year that I really want her to stop but for the sake of her of how she loves swimming, even though I am tired already of the people around who doesn’t know the real story and the people whose nothing else to do but backbite, I didn’t stop sending Mj to the pool.

Last DCAA, as I really don’t like to pay attention to those people, I heard something that almost made me to erupt but I tried so hard to compose myself and who are they anyway? They don’t worth any of my precious attention and time. So as this sport is beginning to get smaller for all of us here, I tried to convince Mj to swift her swimming to music yet to no avail. So even her rank is 50/50 as they said they changed the result the first result is she was included in the top ten and be competing to DAVRAA, she still continue her swimming.

Lately, when she learns that there are some changes, she was disappointed though some of the parents hoped that she would still be competing on February. That disappointed became bigger and bigger until last Saturday, she suddenly whispered to me she is now willing to let go of swimming and swift it to piano lesson. I was hesitant at first, I mean I also, already made a decision that she would continue even she wins or lose but I could not insist her in which she doesn’t like to do anymore. The coach fees, the pool fees and all the expenses if we compete to another place are not fun at all; I have to spend more of my budget for the month so that we can go to the venue.

Most often than not, I am happier that she is already the one who made the decision. I am just here to support her of whatever extracurricular activities she would join in the coming days.

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  1. When you and your daughter’s integrity is on the line, it is about right to do what is best. The same happened to my daughter’s ballet lessons, after several months that we did not see improvement in her classes, we asked her if she is really into it and she said no, so we decided to end the lesson. In due time, I know that MJ will be able to go back to swimming again.

  2. betchai says:

    it is hard indeed to be around such negativity despite how strong you are sometimes, I am quite surprised knowing the potential of your daughter in swimming, however, kids do have shifting interests, which is part of their exploration as to what they really wanted to do in life, it is good for her to also explore music, it is when they try different things they find out what they love to do more, and should MJ go back to swimming again, am sure, she will do it with more dedication and passion

  3. kulasa says:

    You have a very talented daughter….great skills in swimming and talent in music are things I only dream of…she is still young and there will be time to really go into what interests her in the future…I agree with you, your support on whatever she chooses is what matters most…you are a great mom and your daughter surely appreciates it…may your family be always blessed with all the love in the world 🙂

  4. Lainy says:

    It’s a little hard to match and keep up with the relevant and quality comments above mine but I shall try my best, hahaha!

    I have always been outspoken on how I so much admired you for the all- out support you extended to MJ, Anne. Not too many parents are like you who go to the extent of chaperoning your daughter traveling from one place to another, spending some bucks just to show how much you back her up and help her achieve her aspirations.

    Indeed, it’s no fun at all when you no longer feel at peace with the people surrounding you especially so when MJ’s studies get affected. She’s still young and she must have realized that at her young age, she has to focus most of her time in her academics and it would only become possible if she indulges on hobbies or extracurricular activities that do not require her to be on the road, thus missing her classes. That’s two thumbs up for MJ!

    However, her priorities might change over time and who knows? She might just go back to her first love and that’s swimming. You can only be there to be the ever supportive and loving Mom to give her continuous guidance and loving support.

    This is to wish your daughter the best of luck and success on whatever endeavor she wishes to undertake in the near future!

  5. Ria C says:

    Swimming will always be a part of your daughter as it is her passion. But when it comes to taking a bow with grace, I think it’s time to let go and venture on something else where she can be good at.

    She can always go back to swimming in the right time and place but when people start to take her down, then it’s best to say good bye. She will always be the best swimmer in your eyes and everyone else who believes in her. Because she is…

  6. ems says:

    I know your daughter’s first love is swimming. And even if she decided to stop doing it,I know she will excel in anything she want to be because she have the most loving and supportive mom. Congratulations for having a very talented daughter like Mj, mommy!

  7. papaleng says:

    That was a hard and painful decision you’ve made. But I have to agree with your points as well as of your Mj. There is always naman another field where she can excel too. Why not try her to move chess pieces. 🙂

  8. Nova S says:

    the decisions you’ve done was just right, like you said you were no longer comfortable so i guess it time to lay-low. there will be another sports i’m sure that MJ would love to have next time

  9. emzkie says:

    aw.. that is pretty tough to let go especially if u have invested to much to it. ur little girl work her way up to reach that point on where she is right now. it probably broke her heart about the changes. its not good either doing something that you dont like anymore. well.. she is still young, its a big world out there, so many things that she can try and do. Good luck to your daughter sis!

  10. Dhemz says:

    oh really…I thought she’ll pursue it…she’s really good pa naman…well, we can’t really force our kids…good luck on her studies!

  11. mtrguanlao says:

    Your daughter is smart! She knows what is best for her,you’re lucky! And she is lucky too to have you always on her side and support her all the way from her decisions.

  12. Algene says:

    You’re a sweet mom, always willing to support your daughter. It’s good that she can make decisions on her own already..

  13. it is hard to force kids if they don’t like to do. Good thing MJ is the one who ask to go in piano lesson. its good also for her to find what she really want and try something new.She’s lucky you’re there to support all her activities and wants in life.

  14. Claire says:

    MJ has always been full of energy and very enthusiastic in doing what she likes to do.( nagmana sa mama?)lol, But girl, I’m glad she was able to understand now why she need to stop it for now and the option to do Piano Lesson is another learning skill that is really worth doing.

  15. Good thing she have already decided. Though, one day soon, she’ll be able to continue her swimming career and would not mind those backbiters!

    I hope her music lessons goes well.

  16. Rovie says:

    Being around with people who have negative vibes can definitely affect not just you but your kids. It good that MJ was the one who made the final decision.

    She has already proven how good she is in swimming, I think it is high time for her to discover her talent in music.

    Good Luck Mare.

  17. gracia says:

    is this really is it girl? Well, I know MJ will excel with whatever sport or hobby she will be interested in… Goodluck ;)….have you seen the sign yet? hehe

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