The Evolution of Photography and Video

When I was growing up, the only kind of photography available to us was the film type.  No digital video or point and shoot cameras.  We had to buy film and take the photos from one of the old conventional cameras then take it to a shop for processing.  It would take days or in some cases a week or two to get the photos.  You really did not know what you were getting until the prints came back.  If you were lucky, the shop would not charge you for the ones you messed up on, but most would.  Sometimes the results were very good and sometimes, if your hand was not steady, the photo would not turn out well.

As far as home movies go, most of us could not afford a video camera.  It was not until cheaper VHS cameras came out that we could.

Now that we have digital cameras, almost all of which can take movies, we have a lot more freedom with what we want to capture.  I have imagery of both my girls that are very dear to me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched the very first time I was able to capture my youngest daughter on digital video.

One thing I wish I would have had back in those early days was step by step videos instructions. I know I could have done something’s better when taking the videos.  I have followed my youngest one from her birth to now and as for my eldest daughter, I have almost all of her swimming competitions on my computer.  Now if I want to compile the video I can, I can make a montage of all her competitions and edit sound and music.  I love my kids and as they grow I want a record of their progress, their triumphs and even the moments when I catch them when they are just being crazy young girls.

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