Laughing And Sometimes Fighting And Arguing

Yesterday, my kids and I woke up so early for their school. I thought our city is not included with school suspension but my eldest daughter just received a message that the class will be suspended. I did not believe at her at first, I thought that some of her classmates were just making a joke around especially that their school won’t flood if the downtown will get worst due to the typhoon. The school is located in an elevated area and it is just also near at our house. I phoned the school immediately and yes it was confirmed that they don’t have school because of the weather.

My niece was ready to go to school, I asked her to call the school first so to be sure, she was persistent that she has to go because they have an assignment she needs to submit on that day besides the suspension of class as per advised by local government  is only from pre-school to high school.  Later my niece went home and told me their school was closed.

So we were just at home, listening the gusting of the wind and hoping that our roof will not be blown away. When the typhoon subsides, we found out that one part of the roof was moved away. I had to take care of that immediately just before it rain again. Now, the house is so quiet because my kids were off to school unlike yesterday that I could hear them laughing, talking and sometimes fighting and arguing.

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